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Pawsitivity Service Dogs is a nonprofit organization founded to provide Service Dogs for adults and children with disabilities. If you would like volunteer or sponsor Pawsitivity, pleaseemail us for details.

Applying For A Service Dog
Pawsitivity can only accept a limited number of applications per year due to the limits of our volunteers and financial resources. At this point, we are only accepting adult applicants (sorry).

Phase 1:Application
The first step towards a Service Dog is to request, complete, and mail in an application. The application will require information on your disability, your living situation, and information gathered from your references and medical providers.

Phase 2: Consultation
If your application and documentation leads us to believe that one of our dogs can assist you we will schedule a phone interview and consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss your needs and circumstances, and to determine that the candidate or caregiver is mature enough and possess sufficient cognitive functioning to actively participate in the training and learning processes required to be a Hander/Service Dog team. If an adult, the candidate must be actively pursuing the goal of independent living and seeking to improve the quality of their life through the aid of a Service Dog. The interview and consultation allows us to ask any further questions to ensure a good fit with a Service Dog, and will allow us to confirm that you have realistic expectations of how a Service Dog can assist you. Once we have interviewed, we will determine if one of our Service Dogs can assist you.

Phase 3: Invitation
If you, your medical provider, and Pawsitivity Service Dogs agree that a Service Dog is in your best interest, you will receive an invitation. Your invitation will include fundraising details and contracts. Upon receipt of the signed contracts from the applicant, the applicant formally becomes a Pawsitivity Service Dogs Family. The family then begins to fund-raise, as a volunteer, for Pawsitivity Service Dogs.

Phase 4: Fundraising
The family begins fundraising. Funds raised are sent to Pawsitivity Service Dogs Headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, where money raised is deposited into the Pawsitivity Service Dogs bank account. The family is responsible to raise the total amount stated in the contract ($16,500) to move to the 5th Phase.

Phase 5: Service Dog Training
After the family has finished their fundraising, Pawsitivity Service Dogs will match a dog with the family's needs and begin training.

Phase 6: Uniting the Family and Service Dog
The family, Service Dog, and Training Director will be united to finish and polish training in a one to two week extensive session in St. Paul, Minnesota. These lessons are designed to be low-stress, fun, and practical. This time is for team training--for the handler and the dog to learn how to work together as a team both in public and at home.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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