What will the bonding/training meetings be like?

This is a question that we've hesitated to put on our FAQ because the meetings are so individualized (and also that the plans not only change for each person, they can even change meeting to meeting as we discover more about each other), that it's hard to put together a generalized plan that works for everyone. It's nice to know something of what to expect, though, so in the spirit of knowing at least some information, basically:

The first meeting is mostly about bonding, not training. By the time we meet, you'll have already mailed in a dirty t-shirt so the dog has been sleeping with it (so the dog will already know your scent by the time you two meet). Much of this first meeting is getting to know each other, asking and answering lots of questions, and helping the dog know that you are the source of all sorts of wonderful things (such as affection, treats, outings, toys).

Further sessions then get more into training. It sounds odd, but the first lesson is about how to reward the dog. This might sounds silly, but it's the foundation of training (and the dog/handler relationship). Sessions involve training you on cues, reading the dog, public access, our protocols and recommendations, and there will be a final test (or review, if you wish) at the end. Sessions are scheduled for an hour each (better many small meetings than a few long ones) every couple weeks, unless you are from out of town--then we schedule two-day sessions with one 2-hour evening meeting and one 2-hour morning meeting. You can tell that we're already starting to talk about "unless you're out of town" and other exceptions, so rather than get into all other exceptions and how the plan is modified for each person or family, we hope that the above gives you at least a general idea of how the sessions are scheduled.