Service dog for veteran

Hi! Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. My name is Peter Bannon and I am a US Army combat Veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I am training for partnering with at PTSD service dog from Pawsitivity Service Dogs in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Although my own service dog, "Daniel" has already been paid for, I am fundraising for Pawsitivity to "pay it forward" so other Veterans can partner with service dogs too. Pawsitivity not only trains and matches service dogs with Veterans but also with children who have special needs; specifically autism.

Please contribute to my fundraiser to Pawsitivity to help ensure that our military Veterans and special needs kids have the tools they need to be independent and successful.

Here's a little bit more about me: I served in both Iraq and Afghanistan a both a Military Police Officer and an Infantryman, respectively. I was awarded various citations for meritorious service and leadership, including the Combat Infantry Badge. In the course of my service, I incurred PTSD. Currently, I have great difficulty with crowded areas, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, and hyper-vigilance. Although the Veteran's Administration has been very helpful with therapy, and readjustment into society, one of my therapists suggested I look into procuring a service dog. With a service dog from Pawsitivity, I will be able to lead a healthier and more successful life. Some of the things that my service dog, Daniel, can do to help me include skills like "watch my six" which is performing a sit-stay directly behind me- which is very helpful in crowds or when I can't have my back against a wall while being out. Amazingly, he can also alert to my body's micro-expressions; making me aware of an upcoming panic attack; usually even before I know that I am going to have one. Daniel can also wake me up and physically ground me when he observes me having a nightmare. I know this will be a tremendous step forward towards my health and I know that there are a lot of Veterans out there just like me that would truly thrive if they were given this same opportunity.
I have been training hard with Pawsitivity. I sincerely believe in this charity and would ask you to contribute today to help future Veterans succeed in the same way that I will be succeeding with my PTSD service dog, Daniel.

Thank you in advance for your love, support, and generosity.

Peter Bannon

Peter Bannon