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Cheapest Five-Star Dog Food Kibble on

AAII (Animal Assisted Intervention International) now recommends not feeding a raw diet to dogs because of salmonella concerns, so I looked up all the five-star dry kibble (as rated by and checked out which brands were available on Amazon with free shipping. Note that many of these dog foods are not shipped via Amazon Prime, but they still have free shipping (or I included the shipping in the final price). Here is the list, with prices, weights, and cost per pound. Continue reading

Member - Animal Assisted Intervention International

Pawsitivity Service Dogs is proud to be a full member of AAII (Animal Assisted Intervention International). From AAII's website: Animal Assisted Intervention International is the only organization that offers standards and accreditation.  Continue reading

Tips for Air Travel With Your Service Dog

Before Your Trip The most important thing you can do is communicate with the airline to let them know you’ll be bringing your service dog with you. When you book your ticket, either do it by phone or (if you book your ticket online) call the airline to tell them you will be traveling with your service dog. They will make a note in your records which will appear on your ticket. Continue reading

Wonderful new MN law forbidding fake service dogs

Minnesota statute # HF3157*/SF2646/CH106: A new 2018 Minnesota law: An offender with a fake service dog will be subject to a $100 fine on the 1st offense, and for a second offense, charged with a misdemeanor which can include $1000 fine and/or 90 days in prison.

Heartwarming story regarding autism

One of our mentors, Dr. Beth Rausch, DVM, sent me this great article about a child with autism: MPR News  

Cinta company is now hiring in MN (especially people with disabilities)

The Cintas company in MN is seeking talented applicants for open positions in the Minneapolis/St Paul, MN metro area.  Below is a partial list of current open positions. You can access the full listing of positions online at  If you have a qualified applicant with autism or disabilities interested in the below positions, please have them apply and also email the Cintas local HR Manager with the applicants name, and position they applied. This will ensure your applicant will have their application reviewed.  Eagan HR Manager:  Chelsea Nieland ( Maple Grove HR Manager:  Kelsie Brempell ( Minneapolis HR Manager:  Rachel Kermnitz ( St. Paul HR Manager:  Alana Sundby (   (Eagan) Administrative Support Professional (Seasonal), (Eagan) Production Associate Wrapout Operator, (Maple Grove) Mat Roller, (Maple Grove) Garment Hanger/Inspector, (Minneapolis)  Loader/Unloader, (Minneapolis) Folder/Iron Feeder, (St. Paul) Utility IV Operator, (St. Paul) Loader/Unloader,   (Fife Lake) Route Service Sales Rep, (Midland) Utility II Operator,   If an applicant does apply, again, please notify the Cintas HR Manager so they can pull the application and review it.     

April 2019 study: 50% reduction of autism symptoms with fecal transplant

New peer-reviewed study in Science Daily: Autism symptoms reduced nearly 50% two years after fecal transplant. Woah... In a new study, researchers demonstrate long-term beneficial effects for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder through a revolutionary fecal transplant technique known as microbiota transfer therapy (MTT). Read more here:

Pawsitivity Service Dogs makes the list at Charities Review Council

The Charities Review Council has strict standards, and Pawsitivity Service Dogs is proud to once again make those standards. Hip, hip, hurray1

Can a Service Dog help with self-harming behaviors? (Video)

Trigger warning: These videos show self-harm which can be triggering to some viewers. Pawsitivity Service Dogs has been training a Psychiatric Service Dog for the task of helping with self-harming behaviors like scratching (shown with the trainer) and cutting. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Continue reading

Graduation Day for Lexi!

So proud of this amazing young woman—who is now paired and working hard with her service dog! To college and beyond!     Continue reading