Pawsitivity Service Dogs


Help service dogs, veterans, and children by donating your old SLR camera to our charity.

Donate Your Camera to Charity

Do you have a full-frame SLR camera you want to donate to charity?

Or are you upgrading from your old digital SLR to a new digital mirrorless camera? You can help both dogs and people by donating your old full-frame SLR camera to Pawsitivity Service Dogs, and you'll even get a tax credit for it! 

Our service dog charity needs photographic equipment to take pictures of the dogs we rescue, the service dogs in training, and the families we work with. Whether your passion is supporting U.S. military veterans, children with autism, or people with other disabilities, you can help us rescue dogs and train them as service dogs by donating your used full-frame camera. Or you could donate other used photo equipment like lenses (prime or telephoto), flashes, memory cards, or just about anything else. 

If you are a photographer, whether a professional or a dedicated amateur, you know how photography is one of the best ways to communicate. Our message needs to be broadcast: rescuing dogs and training them as service dogs for children, veterans, and others with disabilities transforms lives. Photos can tell stories in a powerful way that speaks directly to the heart.

A low-light camera (full-frame) can capture moments when a rescue dog meets their forever home, when a veteran meets their service dog, or when a child with autism meets their new best friend.

If you would like to donate your old, used full-frame camera to Pawsitivity Service Dogs and write it off on your taxes:

Email us at [email protected].

Or call us at 651-321-3647.

Or you can even just mail it to us at Pawsitivity Service Dogs, Attention: Camera Donation, 197 Griggs St N, St Paul, MN 55104.

You will help our mission of rescuing dogs to rescue people!