What type of expenses are incurred over time in keeping the dog?

Typically, the expenses associated with keeping a Service Dog are the food and vet bills for the dog. For non-veterinary questions during the life of the dog, we encourage you to call us for advice. (Mandatory disclaimer: Our advice, while always available, should not be considered a replacement for veterinary advice.) Note that some veterinarians offer discounts on services for Service Dogs.

We use and recommend a no-grain dry kibble because it seems to be the appropriate combination of quality vs. convenience for families. You can use any food you like, but the brand and we use and recommend is Taste of the Wild, which is about $45 per 28-pound bag and online websites like Chewy.com will deliver for free anywhere in the US. Note that while there are cheaper options, we find this higher-quality food pays for itself in the lack of vet bills.

Tax breaks: Medical expenses in excess of 7.5% of adjusted gross income, including the cost of maintaining a Service Dog, can be deducted from your taxes. Here's the IRS page on medical expenses for more details.