Emergency Artvin Yusufeli District Rescue

100% of your donation rescues the animals displaced by the dam being built in the Artvin Yusefeli district of Turkey 

Your help is urgently needed! Help support the Hayiko Artvinan animal rescue association working in the Eastern regions of Turkey. 

The problem: The construction of a large dam in Artvin Yusufeli district in Turkey has been completed. The city center and surrounding villages are moving to new settlements. Completed construction sites were evacuated. Around 1000 stray dogs and cats remained. The Hayiko Artvinan rescue is trying to move them to safe areas, feed them, sterilize them and vaccinate them. The rescue gets help from government officials and campaigns for donations from local people. But it's not enough. Hyiko Artvinan animal rescue has asked Pawsitivity is team up to raise funds to help these animals.

You can help. Donate today to rescue the animals affected by the building of the dam in the Artvin Yusefeli district of Turkey. Every dollar spent helping the dogs frees up more resources for people. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible and 100% goes to rescuing the animals in the Artvin Yusefeli district of Turkey.

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