Pawsitivity Service Dogs


Pawsitivity rescues dogs and trains them as Service Dogs for people with disabilities.


We are an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in St. Paul, Minnesota, dedicated to rescuing dogs and training them as Service Dogs.

“Our Service Dog from Pawsitivity is better than any medicine.” - James Artisensi   
“Our Service Dog saved my child’s life. I feel lifetimes of gratitude to Pawsitivity.” - Jasmine DeMatties





Service dog preventing bolting

The Leitner family can now go out and do things in public because Palmer keeps her girl with autism safe from bolting into traffic.


More stories:

Doby saves his handler's life by waking her to warn of drastic drops in her blood sugar.

Harley safely guides his man with a Traumatic Brain Injury back home after flashbacks leave him close to catatonic.

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Pawsitivity Service Dogs transform lives.  

Service Dog with his man


Accountability is important to you and to us.

100% to care for dogs

100% Rescue Dogs

We work only with rescue dogs and you can follow their training on our blog.

MN State Dog bill

Minnesota Loves Pawsitivity

The Minnesota Legislature is partnering with Pawsitivity to name the Minnesota State Dog.

MN Wild Charity of the Month

Strong Local Partners

We work with strong local partners, and the Minnesota Wild professional hockey team selected Pawsitivity as Charity of the Month to get the word out about the benefits of service dogs for our veterans, children, and all people with disabilities.