Pawsitivity is a nonprofit organization on a mission to rescue dogs and train them as service dogs for people with disabilities.

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Rescuing Dogs to Rescue You

Pawsitivity Service Dogs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in St. Paul, MN. We are on a mission to rescue dogs and train them as loving, loyal service dogs.


The Problems

One out of 67 U.S. children have autism. A third of U.S. combat veterans have PTSD. 1 out of 26 people have epilepsy.1

Meanwhile, 1.2 million unwanted dogs are being killed each year.2


The Implications

20 U.S. veterans commit suicide each day.1

Parents with children with developmental disabilities have higher rates of health symptoms and higher rates of divorce.1

The lifetime cost of care of a person with autism exceeds a million dollars (double if it involves an intellectual disability).1


Pawsitivity Service Dogs Help

Bailey and his boy in the hospital

Peer-reviewed studies prove that these hero dogs provide3 increases in: 



Feelings of being "in control" of one's life.

Psychological well-being.

Dramatically better social interactions.

Better community integration.

Better school attendance rates.

Better employment rates.

Perhaps most surprising and dramatically, all participants in this particular study showed dramatic decreases in the number of hours of (paid or unpaid) assistance they required.

Turning on and off lights

A Pawsitivity Service Dog changes lives.

Peer-reviewed studies show4 that trained service dogs changes people for the better. If a person with a disability gets a service dog, they are more likely to be:

More independent (90%).

Have higher self-esteem (80%).

Be more content (80%)

Be more assertive (80%)

These gentle, obedient, loving dogs help in almost every category studied, including helping one's social life in addition to performing the specific assistance tasks for which the dog was trained.5

Fetching a book


Donate to help these dogs go from being unwanted to being heroes.




Pawsitivity Service Dogs receive up to a year of training, which include 900 of hours of positive training. 





Accountability is important to you and to us.

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We've taken the 100% pledge.
An angel donor funds our operating costs so 100% of every dollar you donate will be used solely for the dogs. 

  Proving it
We prove the training with every dog and you can follow their progress on Facebook.

Community Partners
We work with strong local partners to rescue, train, and support the dogs for their entire lives.


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