Cheapest Five-Star Dog Food Kibble on

AAII (Animal Assisted Intervention International) now recommends NOT feeding a raw diet to service dogs because of salmonella concerns, so I looked up all the five-star dry kibble (as rated by and checked out which brands were available on Amazon with free shipping. Note that many of these dog foods are not shipped via Amazon Prime, but they still have free shipping (or I included the shipping in the final price). Here is the list, with prices, weights, and cost per pound.

Dog food prices

Here are the prices, as of 8/1/2019:

  • $2.22/pound, Instinct Original, $60 for 27.5 pounds
  • $2.50/pound, Wellness Core, $65 for 26 pounds
  • $2.80/pound, Nature’s Logic, $74 for 26.4 pounds
  • $3.00/pound, Nulo Freestyle, $72 for 24 pounds
  • $3.13/pound, Farmina N&D, $83 for 26.5 pounds
  • $3.64/pound, Origen, $91 for 26.4 pounds

There were a few more brands, but they were so expensive that they were only sold in packages that were less than 20 pounds.

NOTE: I was just informed that if you order from and get two bags at a time, American Journey is $1.68 per pound.