TERRIFIC dog trainer in Willingboro, NJ

If you are looking for a terrific recommendation for a dog trainer in the Willingboro, NJ, area (by Camden, NJ),  I highly recommend Ray Nichols at Better Bondz Dog Training!

Better Bondz Dog Training

I’ve known Ray for several years, ever since we met when we were both taking an advanced dog-behavior skills workshop. When I trained with him, we worked with a whole shelter full of pit bulls and other rescue dogs, and Ray blew me away with his skills and approach. He has a wonderfully gentle, calm, clear manner that the dogs always respond to incredibly well.

Ray is a 100% positive and force-free dog trainer, and he really knows his stuff. He’s not only AMAZING  at training, but also, he can read any dog’s body language and can evaluate and fix any number of behavior problems. He’s a Certified Master Dog Trainer from the Catch Canine Dog Training Academy, a US Army veteran, heads our Black veterans program, and I’m so proud to be friends with him!

I love this dog trainer!

Ray's German Shepherd

At Better Bondz Dog Training, Ray offers both private and group dog training. Additional services include dog walking and dog boarding. Check it out!