You can download our free PDF copy of our Service Dog Coloring book! It's 30 pages of 8.5x11" images which means can be printed on regular sheets of paper on any printer. 

Service Dog Coloring book

Download here.

Downloading notes: The 30-page file is 6 MB, which is as small as we can make it. Most computer connections take about 6 seconds to download this file, but if you have a slow connection, it will take longer. If your screen just shows the coloring book (rather than downloading it), you can still download the file from that page by clicking on the top right-hand icon that looks like this: 

Download link

Or you could click the printer link to print the file from that page (even without downloading it). The printer icon is to the right of the white download arrow.

You can also download or print our one-page coloring sheet on where your dog likes to be petted.

If you prefer a coloring book that is already printed, you can buy it on Amazon at cost, which is $3.58. This price includes the shipping (if you have Amazon Prime). Whether you print the coloring book or order it online, feel free to make photocopies and distribute it.