Donate your car for charity

Car donation needed for charityWe've just set up a new page: If you want to donate your car to a charity in Minnesota, please call 651-321-3647 to donate it to Pawsitivity Service Dogs in St. Paul, MN!

If you are looking to trade in your station wagon, SUV, or truck for a new car (or even a used one) and you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, while you don't get very much for your trade-in, but you can donate it to a charity. With this solution, not not only get the great feeling of helping with the mission of saving dogs and training them as service dogs for children, you get to write off the vehicle on your taxes. So, you basically get a third back from your donation (because you take it off of your income), and this tax-deductible donation can be a great way of giving back to the community. We all feel like we want to help make the world a better place, and since most of us don't really want to go through the hassle of selling your old car, donating the vehicle to charity can be a great way of helping out in a direct and positive way. Pawsitivity Service Dogs only has a sedan right now, which really doesn't suit the needs of the families we work with, as most of them have some sort of minivan, SUV, or station wagon for their families, and the dogs should really be trained to work with these kinds of vehicles. It's quite a high jump to get into these taller cars, and training with our sedan doesn't really do it. Plus, our sedan has so many miles on it that going cross-country to adopt a dog isn't really practicable. But your truck, SUV, or station wagon doesn't have to be low miles, it just has to be somewhat reliable...and you'll get the full Private Party Blue Book value to write off on your taxes!  It will help if you live in Minnesota, but if you live in Wisconsin or a neighboring state and wish to drive your donated car to us, we're in St. Paul, MN, and you can always just drive it here, if you wish. If you do live in Minnesota, we can even come and pick up the car, if you want. Call us today at 651-321-3647 to donate your car to charity.

Most charities that accept donations of a used car will immediately sell the car, or perhaps repair it to sell, and so you only get to write off what the car sells for. Only if the charity actually uses the car for three years do you get to write off the full value on your taxes. Pawsitivity Service Dogs will actually use the SUV, station wagon, or truck you donate, though, and so you get to take the actual amount off of your taxes. We are a Minnesota 501c3 and if you want to donate your MN car, your donation will be 100% tax-deductible (although you don't have to live in MN, if you are willing to drive the vehicle here. We'll give you all the paperwork you need, and make the transition as smooth and easy as possible.