California Wildfire Emergency Dog Rescue Fund

100% of your donation rescues dogs abandoned amid the California wildfires.

Your help is urgently needed! Help us rescue dogs abandoned because of the wildfires in Santa Barbara County and elsewhere in California. Shelters are closed and their resources overwhelmed, and people are dumping their dogs in parking lots and others are abandoning them on highways as they flee the wildfires. Other dogs have ran away from home and their owners are unable to find them. Pregnant dogs and litters of puppies are especially vulnerable from exposure and dehydration, and they need your help. Pawsitivity is holding an emergency fundraiser for these abandoned dogs. 100% of your donation will rescue, rehabilitate, and bring these dogs to loving homes. Please donate to this emergency rescue and save the lives of these dogs who are homeless through no fault of their own.

Donate today to rescue the dogs being abandoned due to the California wildfire emergency.

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