Can I crash at your place for a while?

Loving Dog Foster Homes Needed

6/29/17: Newfoundland puppy! Purebred, 11 months old, sweet and gentle.

Want to have months of love and be a hero?

Loving foster homes needed. You must be living in Minnesota, love dogs, and have time to give to a sweet adolescent dog who needs structure and love. If you think that you want to give your love to an amazing dog for a while, then fill out the form below!

Your commitment would include the following:

  • Raising the dog indoors.
  • Giving the dog lots of love and attention.                  
  • Watching the dog graduate to become a service dog and be proud of your contribution to rescue dogs and help people in need!

Being a foster may be hard to imagine when you think of your schedule and your family (if you have kids and other animals in the house, that's fine). It’s important to remember that the sweet dog coming into your home will need to learn the routines of your family to feel safe and comfortable. The dog will be taking the journey with you, and he will crave the structure and routine that only you can provide. No dog is perfect, but with your help, we know the dog can, one day, be an outstanding service dog because YOU have helped them become confident and loving!