Honoring Our Volunteers of 2015!

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers! It really takes a village to train and prepare Pawsitivity dogs for the important work they will do. We are very grateful for everyone who has volunteered, donated, or helped us in any way. In this newsletter, we're giving a special shout-out to the volunteers who have worked with Pawsitivity this year (so far!). If you're interested in helping, too, please let us know!

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Say Congrats to Our Top 2015 Volunteers!
Brenda Knapp-Polzin donates monthly through her work, and here she is meeting Syd, one of the dogs assisted by her donations. Candy and Steve Aliano gave Pawsitivity a very special gift this spring, donating all the way from New Port Richey in Florida!


Cheers to Pawsitivity's New Board of Directors!
Dave Mackmiller (Treasurer), Tom Coleman (pictured, but not on the board), Julie Coleman (Training Director and board member), Dr. Michelle Parkinson (Vice President), Dr. Todd Savage (Secretary), and Dr. Kris Butler (Chair)!. We are very grateful for this amazing team!


Top Fundraisers!
Thank you to Clarice Chikazawa and Frank Tschudyida for throwing a Pawsitivity fundraising party! They've also introduced us to the wonderful teams at Herzing University in Minneapolis, MN, who are studying to change lives through health care!


Dr. Kim Halvorson of Metro State University donates her time and experience by proofreading all the medical information on Pawsitivity's website!


Dr. Jen Seidl and Grand Avenue Veterinary Center cheerfully donate all spaying, neutering, and checkups for Pawsitivity Dogs! We're so thankful for all the assistance and great care they provide.


Herzing University in Minneapolis, MN invited Pawsitivity to visit a class of Occupational Therapy Assistant students. Here they are pictured with service-dog-in-training, Lena. The Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene departments at Herzing will be throwing a fundraising party for Pawsitivity later this year!


The Susan Janda and David Milne family threw a fundraiser for Pawsitivity last year, and they are helping to socialize the current dogs in training!


Annie and Sarah Westawker have been  helping with Pawsitivity dogs from the beginning. They socialize and walk the service-dogs-in-training, which is especially helpful because they're the same age as many recipients.


The Woodbury Junior Girl Scouts threw a fundraiser for Pawsitivity in May! Syd was a special guest at the party and she had a wonderful time. Thank you to all the Junior Girl Scouts and your families for all your time, effort, and wonderful generosity!

Thank you again to everyone who volunteers, donates, spreads the word about Pawsitivity, or helps us in any way. We really appreciate it!


Tom & Julie Coleman

Pawsitivity Service Dogs   Volunteer  Donate

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