Honor a lost loved one

Option 1: Do you want to donate in honor of someone you love? Use this form and we will send an email to the family notifying them of your generosity. 100% of your donation will be used to train service dogs to partner with U.S. military veterans with disabilities.

Option 2: Has someone close to you passed away? Do you want to ask their friends and relatives to donate in their honor to help train service dogs for veterans? Email or call us to create a special memorial page with an easy-to-remember URL. You can put this URL in your loved one's obituary, and then friends and relatives may make gifts in their memory. If you want, we can include a photograph of your loved one with their story (you may either give us the info directly, or we can use the information from their obituary, if you wish). This kind of tribute giving is a way to recognize, honor, and celebrate your loved one through a charity that empowers U.S. military veterans with disabilities.  To set up a memorial page, you may either email us at [email protected] or call us at ‍(651) ‍321-3647.