Jul 31, 2016, 3:39 PM

Pawsitivity had a very busy and productive dog week! Two new rescue pups, Rhino and Brie, arrived from North Carolina. Rhino has happily settled in with his wonderful foster family, who will keep him for us during Xander's training. We decided that Brie would be happier as a pet than a service dog, and we found her a forever home. Today she went to live with a retired couple in St. Paul who has two other elderly dogs. Now renamed Caroline, she'll be a great companion and will help her new man get out for lots of walks. Xander's training continues to go well! We have sent him to dog camp for the next week since we'll be going on a little "retreat." Our friends Sophia and Duncan graciously invited us to stay in their farmhouse for a few days. And Quinn will be joining us! She and Tom are prepping for the week ahead by taking a little nap.