Notes on "Made for Each Other" by Meg Daley Omert

Made for Each Other: The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond, by Meg Daley Olmert, 2009

Made for Each Other

Biggest note for me: How oxytocin makes dogs and people love each other

Have you read our article on the history of service dogs? The following helps explain a lot about the special bond between dogs and people.

Four of the scientific terms that influence how humans are affected by animals

  • Working with animals we love produces oxytocin
  • Watching animals triggers motor neurons
  • Exposure effect makes us like them even more
  • "Hunter's Trance"

Some of the functioning of oxytocin in the context of humans and animals:

  • Oxytocin produces GABA. GABA lowers the function of the amygdala (fear center)
    • Note that lowered functioning of the amygdala lowers one's blood pressure and heart rate (via less adrenaline and cortisol)
  • Oxytocin also increases dopamine production