Sherwood Lounge names dog

Olaf_Sherwood.jpgThank you to Nina Hall, Colleen Humphreys, Katherine Heaner, and everyone who contributed and took part in the fundraiser by Sherwood Lounge in St. Paul, MN.

We really appreciate all your hard work fundraising for Pawsitivity—you raised an incredible amount, over $11,000! 

If you would like to help fundraise, please contact us to help!

sherwood.jpgHere's the three heroes! They threw parties all summer, raised funds by selling bracelets and also tags up around the bar, and participated in a parade and held a motorcycle ride, all to help these incredible dogs!

Sherwood Lounge got to name a dog, and the picked the name "Lena", which is a combination of "Nina" and "Colleen", the two biggest fundraisers!

 Lena, the service dog in training



Lena visiting an assisted living home. She is being trained as a service dog for a girl with autism.