Ukraine news about dog rescue

Your donations to the Ukraine Dog Rescue Fund are going to work! (You can donate the Ukraine Animal Rescue Fund.)

Your donations are going to volunteers who are giving away dog food to Kiev, Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rih, and the Poltava and Kherson regions, citizens who can't get out to buy dog or cat food, and funds are being provided to a number of shelters to help them keep their dogs and cats. These include small impromptu animal shelters that are set up in homes. 

Animal rescue



Your donations are also providing cats with cat food, plus adoptions are being set up for cats who need homes. Some of the dogs being saved have been locked up in apartments with no access to food or water, but they are being rescued and paired with loving homes. The unfolding war in the Ukraine has left many pets injured, many because of the rocket attacks that are covering streets with glass and metal Many other pets have been literally lost in the attacks as their homes have been destroyed or their owners fled. These animals need shelter, food, and especially water--dehydration occurs quickly when pets do not have access to water. Your donation will continue to go to these shelters and rescuers in the Ukraine--thank you for your help!