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The dogs at Pawsitivity always need food, beds, and medicine. Often these rescue dogs come to us in pretty poor condition, and they need a lot of rehabilitation even before we can start the evaluation process. With your help, we can rescue more dogs, and train more to help children and adults with disabilities. We burn through so many supplies so your help is desperately needed. Help a dog today by clicking on any of these wish-list items (which will bring you to the Amazon link), and the items will be shipped directly to Pawsitivity! 

 Nutro Dog Food

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Adult Dry Dog Food - Chicken - $64.92

We only give the service dogs-in-training grain-free dog food, which helps prevent allergies and gives the dogs the high-quality protein they need to get strong and stay healthy. There are many good brands, but we stick with Orijen because it the very top-of-the line, can be delivered straight to our door, and so you can click on the above link and send a bag directly to us!

K-9 Dog Collar
Adjustable Leather Collar, Black $17.59

Leather is the most sturdy for collars, and we want to make sure the families that are getting the service dogs don't have to replace equipment throughout the years. This heavy-duty collar is super-comfortable for the dogs and lasts a lifetime. If you click on the Amazon link above and buy the collar (which will be sent directly to us), you will be providing a dog collar that will help a service dog change someone's life!  

Dog bed

Dog Bed, $43.63

After a long day of training, these service dogs are tired...and when each dog gets its own bed, they get along without any disputes. This dog bed is washable, comfortable, and we often give away a bed when a service dog is adopted out because we want to make sure that the dogs continue to stay comfortable, so we always need new ones! 

Ear Medication

Zymox Otic Ear Medication, $16.50

Both with Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers (and many other breeds), ear infections can start because these breeds have floppy ears that hold in the moisture and heat. The medication is pretty pricey at $16.50 for a little one-ounce bottle, but the treatment works well, and we run through a lot of it. This gift is a pretty boring one (a small bottle of medication?), but because of it's not the cozy option of a bed or leather collar, we're often running low on it. And good medication like this is always highly in demand!

 Dog crate

Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate, $46.80

Often the dogs need to be crate-trained, so that when the families occasionally have to leave the house without the service dog, the dog will still be happy staying at home where it's safe and comfortable. The dog bed up above fits right into this well-made dog crate, and it folds up nicely (which is nice because we often give the dog crate away with the service dog!) 

Click any of the above links to go to Pawsitivity's "Wish List" where you can click and buy any of the above, which will be shipped directly to Pawsitivity Service Dogs in St. Paul, MN, and will be used in the care and training of these amazing dogs. As always, all donations, whether cash or gifts, are 100% tax-deductible, and will help change lives, One Dog at a Time! 

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