Best landscaper in Minneapolis/St Paul

We are excited to do a shout-out to one of our sponsors, Turbo Landscaping and Construction, LLC, who has transformed our outdoor service dog training area into something practical gorgeous! :-) Here is our first photo, which shows how they laid concrete to match the curves of the old cement patio.

New concrete patio by Turbo Landscaping


Pawsitivity Service Dogs in St. Paull, MN, has long had river rock for our dogs in training to do their business on, but through the years, dirt and debris have intermeshed with the river rock so that the yard became a muddy mess whenever it rained. Turbo Landscaping came in and laid matching concrete over much of the river rock, then installed a specialty astroturf, K9 Grass, over the rest. 

The result is gorgeous, and they worked incredibly quickly. We highly recommend Turbo Landscaping for anyone needing landscaping or light construction in the Minneapolis or St Paul metro area!