Should we give toys to the dog?

Yes, we recommend always having toys available (especially squeaky toys) for the dog to play with whenever he/she is at home. This constant access to toys will help keep the dog from chewing on other items.

Should we give bones to the dog?

Yes, we recommend giving the dog uncooked beef bones to chew on whenever the dog is at home. Bones not only gives the dog something to do, they also help to keep their teeth clean. 

Should we give the dog a dog bed?

Yes, we recommend giving the dog a dog bed. Even if the dog winds up sleeping with you, sometimes it's too hot up on the human bed, and the dog will want a comfy spot to sleep on. Many times, even the dog bed will be too hot for the dog and they'll sleep on the cool floor, but it's nice to give them the option of a dog bed. Also, it is nice for them to have their own “spot,” and you can even train them to go there when you want them to.

Should we have a crate for the dog?

Yes, we recommend having a crate for the dog, and the dog will be trained to like the crate. A crate is a dog's own special spot, and they like to have a private place they can go to when they need to decompress. Also, if you need to leave the dog home alone, you can either leave the dog loose around the house or lock the dog in the crate (either option is appropriate).