Food and water?

What food do you recommend?

We recommend (and use) grain-free kibble such as Taste of the Wild Wetlands, available for $44 per 30# bag from with free delivery when you order two bags at a time. If you have Amazon Prime, that's another good option, as Amazon Prime also ships it for free.

Why do you recommend grain-free dog food, which tends to be expensive?

We recommend grain-free dog food because we feel that the high price is made up for in better health (and thus more than balanced out by the lack of vet bills).

How much should we feed our dog(s)?

It depends on the food and the size of your dog. Generally, we feed each dog about two cups of kibble per day.

When should we feed our dog(s)?

We recommend feeding the dog once a day, for dinner. The idea is to make things as simple as possible for you.

How often should we give the dog water?

Fresh water should always be available in a bowl for the dog to drink at home. There are several theories regarding whether or not a dog should drink water while they are working outside the home—we recommend keeping work schedules to about two hours at a time, and a dog should be fine not drinking water for that length of time, assuming you are not in hot weather or doing anything strenuous. (Drinking water often means the dog will need to go potty, which is not fun for the dog if it is out working.)