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Ukraine Emergency Cat Rescue

Please give today to rescue the lost and abandoned cats resulting from Ukraine invasion.

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Your contribution is 100% tax deductible.

Ukraine Emergency Cat Rescue

100% of your donation rescues cats and kittens hurt, lost, or abandoned in the Ukraine war.

Cats can't take care of themselves if they are injured. Little kittens can't take of themselves at all. The thousands of cats and kittens hurt, lost, or abandoned in the Ukraine war need your help. Also, citizens are refusing to leave the country without their pets, and your gift will help ensure that cats and their owners can stay together, either emigrating safely or staying in place but receiving the cat food and veterinary attention they need. 

100% of your donation will go to shelters and rescues in Ukraine to save these dehydrated, wounded, and abandoned cats and kittens. We started out this fundraiser by helping just dogs, but we quickly discovered that cats and kittens also need help. With the right medical care and with timely food and water, these cats and kittens can be saved, but the work has to be done immediately.

Your help is urgently needed right now, when the need is critical. Donate today.