What is your Career Change Dog Agreement?

The organization and new owner agree that the owner will abide by the following:

Adopter agrees:

I will keep the dog safe, well fed, and the dog will always have fresh water.

The dog will be an inside dog.

I will exercise the dog daily.

I will keep the dog leashed outside, but will not leave it chained up outdoors.

I will not train the dog to attack, nor to be used as a therapy dog or service dog.

I will take the dog to the veterinarian each year.

I will get the dog a city license.

If I don't want the dog at any time, I will give it back to the organization.

I release the organization from any liability, damages, or expenses, arising out of my owning the dog, and for any reason, including health, condition, training, behavior or temperament.

I will notify the organization if the dog is lost or dies, and if we move.

I understand if I fail to follow any of the above, I will give up the dog to the organization.

I understand that by signing this agreement, I am entering into a legal and binding contract. Breach of any term(s) of this agreement is deemed actionable by the organization. If a lawsuit is brought for any reason by either party, the lawsuit will be undertaken in a court in the state in which the organization is located. The loser of the suit will pay the lawyer’s fees of both parties.

Signature and date of new owner:

Signature and date of staff of organization: