Pawsitivity achieves Platinum status with Guidestar

For years, Pawsitivity Service Dogs for Veterans proudly held GuideStar’s esteemed “Gold” status, their highest level of transparency. Now, with the introduction of a new, even higher level, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve risen to meet that standard as well.

Platinum status

GuideStar, now known as Candid after a merger with Foundation Center in 2019, introduced a Platinum level of its Seal of Transparency to highlight organizations that go above and beyond in their reporting of the results of their work.

Choosing a charity with Platinum status by GuideStar (now known as Candid) offers several benefits:

1. Transparency: The Platinum Seal of Transparency indicates that the organization goes above and beyond in its reporting, offering clear insight into its activities and financial health.

2. Evidence of Impact: Charities with this status share key metrics and qualitative information about their programs' outcomes, demonstrating data-driven evidence of their impact.

3. Accountability: Achieving Platinum status indicates that the organization takes its commitment to stakeholders seriously, regularly updating and sharing its progress and outcomes.

4. Informed Decision-making: For donors and supporters, Platinum status serves as a beacon of trustworthiness, making it easier to determine where to allocate funds or offer support.

5. Efficiency: The detailed information provided by Platinum charities often showcases how efficiently they utilize resources to achieve their mission.

6. Commitment to Improvement: Continually updating and maintaining Platinum status signals that the charity is committed to ongoing improvement and reassessment of its operations and impact.