Cinta company is now hiring in MN (especially people with disabilities)

The Cintas company in Minnesota is seeking talented applicants for open positions in the Minneapolis/St Paul, MN metro area, and the company is open to people with autism spectrum disorder, and people with other disabilities.  Below is a partial list of current open positions.



You can access the full listing of positions online at .  If you know of a qualified applicant with autism or disabilities interested in the below positions, please have them:

  1. Apply.
  2. Email the Cintas local HR Manager with the applicant's name, the position they applied for, and the fact that they saw the notice on Pawsitivity Service Dogs' website. This procedure will ensure the applicant will have their application reviewed. Eagan, MN Human Resources Manager:  Chelsea Nieland ([email protected]), Maple Grove, MN Human Resources Manager:  Kelsie Brempell ([email protected]), Minneapolis, MN Human Resources Manager:  Rachel Kermnitz ([email protected]), St. Paul, MN Human Resources Manager:  Alana Sundby ([email protected])

Positions available: