What is your Contract for Volunteers?

I agree to serve as a volunteer for the nonprofit organization.

I agree to contribute my time without compensation.

I will hold the organization harmless for my own acts and omissions while volunteering.

I am responsible providing my own medical, liability, and auto insurance.

I understand that I am not covered by workers’ compensation.

I understand I am not insured by the organization while I volunteer.

I understand the risks and dangers involved. I agree to accept all risks of injury, death, or damage to myself or my property. Risks include but not are limited to being bitten by a dog, tripped, or exposed to diseases.

I agree to be recorded and I consent to the use of my likeness.

As consideration for being permitted to volunteer, I won't sue the organization for injury.

I will not divulge any confidential information of the organization that I learn.

I have read this document. I understand that I will relinquish all claims against the organization. I am of legal age, competent, and I am signing this agreement of my own free will.

I acknowledge that this agreement will apply for the entire term of my volunteering.