Donating stocks to a service dog charity

Support Our Mission by Donating Stock: At Pawsitivity Service Dogs for Veterans, we are dedicated to training service dogs for veterans living with disabilities, including PTSD. Your support can make a significant difference, and one impactful way to assist is by donating stock.

We are affiliated with Vanguard for stock donations. However, if you work with another brokerage firm, we can accommodate that as well.

Our details:

  • EIN: 47-1446634
  • Mailing Address: Pawsitivity Service Dogs for Veterans, 197 Griggs St. N., Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104.

Details of the financial firm that handles our stock:

  • Institution: Vanguard
  • Vanguard's DTC Code: 0062
  • Vanguard's Phone Number: 1 (877) 662-7447
  • Account Name: Pawsitivity
  • Account Number: 25803474

Other documents (not usually needed):

  • W-9: Our W-9 form is available here.
  • 501(c)(3) recognition letter: Our 501(c)(3) IRS recognition letter is downloadable here.

If you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to reach out to us:

Your generous support helps us further our mission, and we deeply appreciate every contribution.

Why giving stock to a charity can be so effectiv3.

Vanguard has created this useful chart to explain (with examples) why giving shares of stock directly to a charity can be so much more effective and rewarding than selling the stock and donating the cash. 

The six main reasons are:

1. Tax Efficiency for the Donor:

- Avoidance of Capital Gains Tax: If you've held a stock for over a year and it has appreciated in value, selling it would generally trigger a capital gains tax on the appreciation. By donating the stock directly, you can avoid paying this tax.
- Full Fair Market Value Deduction: In many jurisdictions, if you donate appreciated stock to a charity, you can deduct its full fair market value from your income tax, even though you originally paid much less for it.

2. Benefit to the Charity:
- Receive Full Value: Since charities typically have tax-exempt status, they can sell the stock without paying capital gains tax, thus receiving the full value of the stock.

3. Simplicity: Directly transferring stock can be a straightforward process, especially with brokerage firms that have established procedures for such transfers.

4. Flexibility: Donors can choose to donate all or just a portion of their stock holdings.

5. Long-term Strategy: For individuals with significant stock holdings, donating stock can be a part of a larger tax and estate planning strategy, helping them manage their wealth effectively while also supporting causes they care about.

6. Multiplier Effect: If the stock continues to appreciate after you've donated it, the charity benefits from that increased value, leading to a greater impact than the original donation might suggest.