Do I have to fund-raise to qualify for a Service Dog from Pawsitivity?

Yes, and here's why:

  • The amount spent on rescuing, socializing, training, and placing, and providing a decade of support for a service dog through our organization is approximately $39,000[1]. This amount is approximately the same for ALL service dog organizations.

  • Financial aid (up to 50%) is available to those who qualify.

  • If you do not have the resources, i.e. savings, to ensure that you can raise even half, we totally understand, and in that case, we highly recommend another organization which is ten times as large as us: Canine Companions for Independence--their area code is 740 and their phone number is 833 - 3700. Note that while CCI does all the fundraising, that means that their waiting list is many years long. 

[1] Coutts, Jason. "Cost of Canine Programs Across the United States." Syracuse, New York: American Society of Canine Trainers, 2012: 24.