What are your Job Descriptions for Staff, Volunteers, and Board Members?

Executive Director: Carries out the board's instructions, manages the organization's resources, and oversees staff.  The Executive Director also monitors and evaluates the organization's services, and represents the organization.

Managing Director and Head Trainer: Designs training programs for internal use. Develops and provides informative materials on preventing problem behaviors. Works with the board and attends board meetings.

Volunteers: Jobs may include on-site dog care, office help, and group volunteer days. Other jobs include fostering, special events, research projects, and helping with fundraisers.

Board Members:

Chair: Oversees board and executive committee meetings.

Vice Chair: Attends board meetings and performs the chair's duties in the chair's absence.

Secretary: Attends board meetings and reviews minutes. Is the board chair and vice chair absent? Then the Secretary assumes the responsibilities of the chair.

Treasurer: Attends board meetings and presents the annual budget to the board for approval.