Sydney meeting children in a positive way

Dani and Syd got to meet the wonderful children of Handyman Jon LeRoux (who is creating our new dog washing station), and the dogs loved them! Thank you for the sweet, gentle, 100%-positive socialization you gave them (we now realize how MUCH the dogs love children...both Syd and Dani, who are getting close to graduation, are each going to make an amazing social bridge!).
Both dogs stayed quiet and gentle
It was great how neither dog jumped up
Her ears are relaxed and her mouth is open but not tense
I was amazed at how this service dog in training did not get overly aroused
The kids were so gentle
Even petting from above was well-tolerated (usually dogs don't love that)
Sydney accepted so much petting. Note that the encounter was well-supervised.
The kiddo looks so proud to be petting such a big dog