Training on the Light Rail

We took Lexi for a ride on the Light Rail today. We rode for a few stops, got off and walked across to the other side, then rode back. She did amazingly well with the travel, even with the movement, noises, people walking by, a loud child, another dog on the platform, doors opening and closing, etc. Great job, Lexi!

At the airport, just outside the door

Buying a ticket

Finding a seat

At the tram station

Lexi patiently doing a down stay

She is calm despite the noise and vibration


It's wonderful how she focuses on the trainer

She takes up a lot of room when she's lying down, but the train was pretty empty

Here she is by the Handicapped area. We would have moved if someone wanted to sit here, but it was nice to giver her some space.

Her ears look relaxed