Donating a fenceHost a fundraising partyOption 1: Donate $10,000 and you will get a service-dog-in-training named after you!
Option 2: Throw a fundraising party!
Want to help Pawsitivity in our mission to provide service dogs to families in need? Your help is badly needed and greatly appreciated! It's only with your generous support and assistance that we have been able to lower fees to families and help more people with disabilities. It takes a village to raise a service dog! Pawsitivity Service Dogs does not receive any funding from the state or federal government or the United Way. We primarily rely on contributions from the public to enable us to train service dogs for disabled children and adults.  Without financial help from caring people, our program to improve the quality of life through partnership with a service dog could not exist. If you are an organization or individual who would like to donate, sponsor, or help out Pawsitivity Service Dogs in our mission to provide service dogs for autism, PTSD, and other psychological disabilities, we'd love to hear from you
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