What is your Contract with Veterinarians?

To be provided to service dogs in-training:

1 - Courtesy initial exam and courtesy exam before placement.

2 -  Spay/neuter surgeries, if needed, will be provided as a courtesy service.

3 -  Core vaccinations (rabies and distemper) will also be provided as a courtesy service.

4 - The rest of the medical needs will be accounted under the terms of our Friends & Family Discount. The discount is that services and treatments are discounted at 50%. Inventory items are charged at cost plus 20%.

5 - Medical and behavioral consultation. Access to veterinary specialist consultation (radiology, cardiology, surgery, internal medicine, etc).

6 - Medical records and letters of the dog's examination will be provided to each service dog family.

7 - Access to the talents and relationships of our staff members. Examples include placement of dogs in need of homes in-home pet-sitting of your dogs-in-training.

8 - A treatment plan (estimate) for goods and services can be requested and discussed at any time.

9 - Payment is due in full at the time of service.

A 10% discount on services will be extended to the families who receive the Service Dogs. This arrangement may be extended to other service dogs at the discretion of the clinic.

Logistics of the Partnership:

1 - An account for the nonprofit has been created. All previous records and history will be provided to the veterinary clinic. This process will create a medical record for each service dog.

2 -  _______ will be the point person for communications, exams, surgeries, procedures, and treatments. If that person is not available, one of the other veterinarians will manage medical care.

3 -  Any cross-promotional opportunities and advertising/marketing must receive approval from both parties.

4 - A request to the change of terms of the partnership can be discussed.

Signature of a representative of nonprofit, and date:

Signature of a representative of clinic, the date: