What are your Volunteer Recruitment and Selection Procedures?


A nonprofit should constantly be looking for good volunteers (Pawsitivity usually uses volunteers with special skills, or uses fosters). Lawyers, for instance, will often offer pro bono work to charities.


Volunteers should have a positive attitude and good organizational skills. They should also have an interest in rescuing or training dogs. Finally, they should have the flexibility to work on various projects.

In the interview:

Thank the volunteers for coming and then tell them about the position and the nonprofit. Ask them about their skills, if there is anything they don't want to do, and if they have any questions. Agree on what comes next, such as calling references.

Never inquire about age, marital status, or national origin. Never inquire about arrest record, height, weight, birthplace, sexual orientation, or race.


Call the volunteer’s references and request police records and criminal checks as needed.


If chosen, have the volunteer sign a contract with the nonprofit.