Yorrdan and his handler

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Yorrdan saves the day

From out-of-state, Pawsitivity got a letter that was heart-breaking. "Blind in left eye. Type 1 diabetic-body not giving classic symptoms of low and high blood sugar." We were proud and happy to train an Alsatian (German Shepherd Dog) from the Czech Republic for this brave woman.

Executive Director Tom Coleman says, "Of all the dogs I trained for Pawsitivity, I was closest to Yorrdan. I was so proud of that boy, I loved him so much--he was amazing". 

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Sadly, Yorrdan passed away in 2014.

Tom says, "I cried, his handler cried...we were all were devastated. We almost stopped Pawsitivity completely because of our feelings of grief and hopelessness. How could such an amazing dog be taken away so soon? It was worse for his handler, because he was like a part of her. Finally, well, we got our feelings together and decided that, yes, the work still needs to be done. We gave him the best life we could, and we all loved him, and he loved being with his handler 24 hours a day and protecting her with everything he thought and everything he was."

This iris bloomed on his grave.  

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May Yorrdan always be a guardian angel.

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