Sometimes we are asked for a W-9 when providing services. If you need a copy, you may either print the following image from your browser, or you may save the image to your hard drive. (The form is provided as a JPG instead of a PDF because our hosting provider only saves PDFs temporarily but saves online images such as JPGs permanently.)

Minnesota State Tax Exemption Letter + Certificate of Exemption

Pawsitivity's Minnesota State Tax Exemption letter and our MN Certificate of Exemption form aka ST3, is below. Note that you can print up either from the images below (just hit "print" on your browser) or download the PDF versions (letter or ST3).    

Pawsitivity passes CRC standards!

After a lot of hard work, Pawsitivity Service Dogs has passed the Charities Review Council's wonderfully rigorous standards!

Trademark registered

U.S. trademark Serial # 87-238,582, Reg. No. 5,259,653.   "The mark consists of a red heart with a paw-print inside." It's official! Pawsitivity's red-heart/silhouette-paw logo is now officially approved by the US patent office as our registered trademark, exclusive to the charity! It took a long time, a lot of paperwork (and even phone calls), but it's now all done! Yay!!!! Thank you to our mentor, Al Peters, Executive Director or Can Do Canines, for suggesting that we do this step!  

Midwest Book Award Finalist (edit: winner!)

Our book is a MIPA Finalist! Continue reading

Training Vocabulary

It's funny, at Pawsitivity, we use a pretty simple set of words, but many synonyms (or near-synonyms) exist. I put the following list together simply because I was amused at seeing a simple concept described so many ways. Continue reading

Apr 11, 2016, 10:58 AM

Pawsitivity trainee Xander hanging out before his initial vet exam. He is so brave and curious about everything in the world!

Party at Totally Kids!

Totally Kids toy store and furniture threw a fundraising event for Pawsitivity! Pawsitivity visited Totally Kids on Saturday, 8/15/15:  To prepare, Service-Dog-in-Training Syd got to meet the wonderful staff! We gave a little lecture and Q&A about service dogs and Autism Service Dogs. Syd did great meeting all the staff--and was a stress reliever for them, too! Everyone loved meeting a Service Dog in Training!  Gabriel fell in love with Syd, and wants her to come visit his radio show on KBGY 107.5 FM! Free face painting at Totally Kids furniture and toy store! The staff made us feel so welcome! Syd loves meeting kids!