Thank you!

Thank you, anonymous donor who sent Pawsitivity the eight packages of training treats off of Pawsitivity's Amazon wishlist! The dogs love them! If you want to buy some training treats for the dogs (or toys, or any other number of items), just go to Pawsitivity's Amazon Wishlist, and they'll be mailed directly to Pawsitivity's dogs in training!

Service Dog Rights

Service dogs can go to public buildings, private offices, and nonprofit centers (including churches) that are available to the public. They can't stay in the aisle, however, because they would block people from walking, and they're not allowed on seats (they have to be on the ground). Also, when a dog would interfere with the mission of the place, they can be prohibited (an example would be a sterile operating room). But if the person with a disability is allowed to go somewhere, generally the person's service dog is allowed, too, so the dog can help them. Some places, like airplanes or rental housing, have laws that allow other kinds of helper dogs, such as emotional support dogs, but the rules for service dogs still apply.  Continue reading

Desensitizing with Ella

  Also, figure-eight training:

Confidence-building with Ella

Using the “Look at That” (LAT) technique from Leslie McDevitt that we learned at the Karen Pryor Training Rach with Ken Ramirez, Ella is living new and unusual surfaces, and loving all sorts of new people in her life (including this sweet baby!)

Week-long seminar with world-famous Ken Ramirez

The Pawsitivity staff is taking a continuing education seminar with Ken Ramirez this week, and it’s fascinating!  

Update from upcoming Impact Assessment

Al Onkka from Aurora Consulting just posted: I feel incredibly privileged to hear the first-hand client stories as part of my evaluation for Pawsitivity Service Dogs.  With each interview, I hear about the truly transformational impact this organization has had on individuals and families. I can't wait to share these powerful stories back to the organization in a way that can help them understand, communicate, and build on their impact with authority.  - Al Onkka We are so excited to hear the results!

When Lexi’s woman graduated high school, she posted this awesome pic

You can follow their progress on Instagram at #respect.the.lex

Meeting with Bailey and his boy

We had a follow-up meeting with Autism Service Dog, Bailey, who we trained for his boy many years ago. Bailey’s boy is going to be fourteen years old soon. How time flies!