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Autism: Extra Benefits

When service dogs learn to help on their own, even more benefits emerge.

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Autism Service Dogs: Extra Benefits

While an Autism Service Dog has certain skills and is trained with specific tasks especially for an individual child with autism, other benefits often come up later on. These behaviors are not guaranteed, but they are so common (and striking), that they're worth talking about.

The Service Dog will sometimes learn on its own how to bring the child back, either by pushing the child home, whining, or encouraging the child in other ways to return. This behavior cannot be taught, but sometimes the dog will just figure it out on its own.


An Autism Service Dog may start noticing that a child's tantrum is about to occur (even before the parent notices), and then short-circuit this build-up by distracting the child. Again, this task cannot be taught, but the more often dog does it and receives positive reactions from the child, the more often the dog will do so.


Many children with autism have night terrors, but with a furry companion, they often sleep much better and do not have to sleep with their parents.