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Pawsitivity Service Dogs

When Lexi’s woman graduated high school, she posted this awesome pic

You can follow their progress on Instagram at #respect.the.lex

Meeting with Bailey and his boy

We had a follow-up meeting with Autism Service Dog, Bailey, who we trained for his boy many years ago. Bailey’s boy is going to be fourteen years old soon. How time flies!

Just for Fun: Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, Master Recipe

Just for fun, here is the master recipe I use for 4 one-pound boules (round loaves) of white artisan (flavorful and crusty) white bread with no-knead high-hydration 72-hour dough, from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. 8/28/21: This is my current recipe version. There are other ways of doing it, this is just the version of the Master Recipe that I use. Continue reading

Cintas in Minnesota open to hiring employees with autism and other disabilities

8/1/19: Cintas in Minnesota is seeking talented applicants for open positions in Minnesota, and is very open to people on the autism spectrum or with other disabilities.  Below is a partial list of current open positions. You can access the full listing of positions online at   Continue reading

Adding bigger patches

Palmer’s boy’s mom tells me that adults (but not kids) STILL pet Palmer the autism service dog while she’s working, so, just like for Lexi, we’ve got bigger stop sign patches. Check the second photo for the updated vest! Continue reading

Cheapest Five-Star Dog Food Kibble on

AAII (Animal Assisted Intervention International) now recommends NOT feeding a raw diet to service dogs because of salmonella concerns, so I looked up all the five-star dry kibble (as rated by and checked out which brands were available on Amazon with free shipping. Note that many of these dog foods are not shipped via Amazon Prime, but they still have free shipping (or I included the shipping in the final price). Here is the list, with prices, weights, and cost per pound. Continue reading

Member - Animal Assisted Intervention International

Pawsitivity Service Dogs is proud to be a full member of AAII (Animal Assisted Intervention International). From AAII's website: Animal Assisted Intervention International is the only organization that offers standards and accreditation.  Continue reading

Tips for Air Travel With Your Service Dog

Before Your Trip The most important thing you can do is communicate with the airline to let them know you’ll be bringing your service dog with you. When you book your ticket, either do it by phone or (if you book your ticket online) call the airline to tell them you will be traveling with your service dog. They will make a note in your records which will appear on your ticket. Continue reading

Wonderful new MN law forbidding fake service dogs

Minnesota statute # HF3157*/SF2646/CH106: A new 2018 Minnesota law: An offender with a fake service dog will be subject to a $100 fine on the 1st offense, and for a second offense, charged with a misdemeanor which can include $1000 fine and/or 90 days in prison.

Heartwarming story regarding autism

One of our mentors, Dr. Beth Rausch, DVM, sent me this great article about a child with autism: MPR News