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From the Atlantic: "Services Cliff" at age 21 for people with autism

Pawsitivity's mission focuses on helping children at a critical stage in life...because at age 21, most kiddos "age out" of a lot of services: -Pointed out by the wonderful Heather Christopherson at Heather Christopherson and Associates.

“Good Dog!” vs “Yes!” (Video)

When we cue the dog to do something (like Sit), and then say “Yes,” we then then give her a treat. Julie likes to use the phrase, “If you say it, pay it.” However, if the handler’s hands are full, or something, and can’t give treats, we just use the phrase “Good girl!” as a reward. (Then she’ll know that she did it right, but there’s no treat coming).

Great article about giving to Hurricane Dogs charities

Having raised funds for Hurricane Dogs, it's nice to present this great article about finding a good charity for Hurricane Dog Rescue! (Note that Pawsitivity is accredited by the organization that the article talks about.

Pawsitivity loves you!

Zen Mat, used when having dinner, or when dog is getting over-excited.

  This elevated bed is made by Kuranda.

Practicing loading and unloading (into and out of the car)

Lexi has practiced with crate in the car, and the back of a SUV, and this is the car with the distraction of snow. Good dog!

Haven’s boy reads to her! (Video)

Update from Haven’s boy (who has Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, which somewhat like autism). This is after he really practiced reading (sounding out words) for 15 minutes, then he wanted to read to Haven.  

Grocery store

Grocery stores present lots of problems, the hardest perhaps being stopping/starting (and asking for sit) over as over, but others include keeping the dog from sniffing food, keeping dog from getting its tail run over, noisy carts, and crowded checkout lines.