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Why Pawsitivity Service Dogs is different

Why donate to one service dog organization over another? Aren't they all the same?  Pawsitivity excels at the two most common metrics used to evaluate nonprofit organizations, but we also excel at a third metric. What do we mean by this? Most donors look at ratios such as the amount of money spent on programs compared to admin and fundraising (which Pawsitivity is extremely good at), or the gold standard of donating, which is to examine an impact evaluation (Pawsitivity is the only service dog organization to have a third-party impact assessment done), but we propose an even better metric: creating outcomes which are long-lasting and effective. Continue reading

Public Access Test

PUBLIC ACCESS TEST NAME OF DOG AND HANDLER: ________________________________ NAME OF TESTER: _____________________________________________ DATE OF TEST: _____________ Continue reading

New video for CFC charity

Pawsitivity Service Dogs is CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) number 54980. Here's our latest video, showing how Pawsitivity assistance dogs help veterans.   Continue reading

PTSD Service Dog Practicing "Cover"

Video of Daniel the Service Dog practicing "Cover." His handler, a decorated US military combat veteran, likes to call this PTSD task, "Covering my six."   Continue reading

Video from handler

Sometimes the most important thing a service dog can do is nothing. A psychiatric service dog’s training never stops, and here is a video of a handler is practicing her service dog do a down stay with the distraction of a pet dog walking past her. Great job! Continue reading

Fantastic web designer recommendation

Wow, small differences make big changes! We hired the awesome web designer John Poe to help us make the Pawsitivity Service Dogs website clear and easy to use. I LOVE HIS AESTHETIC! We highly recommend his services. You can contact him through his website: Continue reading

Yvette Van Veen’s method for teaching a dog to ring a bell to go out

Yvette Van Veen of Awesome Dogs wrote the following:  Step 1 - Show the dog the bell Show the dog the bell and gently ring it.  Let the dog become familiar with the noise it makes.  Do not skip this step.  Some dogs startle if they touch the bell and are not expecting it to ring.  If you have a sensitive dog, muffle the sound and gradually let it ring louder.Repeat until the dog is comfortable and relaxed with the noise.   Continue reading

Favorite Pizza Recipe

I realize that this post isn't dog-related, but the pizza recipe is so great, I had to share it. :-)  Makes 1 11-inch thin-crust (Neapolitan) pizza, suitable for one person. Make a double batch for two people. Based on “Jim Lahey’s no-knead dough.” Recipe for margherita style. Continue reading

Practice elevators with Sunny

A glass elevator is a strange contraption, so here, Julie uses chicken to help Sunny (named after a special boy's favorite song - he had a Pawsitivity autism service dog) associate good things with an elevator ride.   Continue reading

New Hire!

Pawsitivity Service Dogs is proud to announce the hiring of Ray Nichols, a Certified Master Dog Trainer from the Catch Canine Dog Training Academy.