Including events, news, and almost-daily updates on how training is progressing for the service dogs.

Practicing on grates (video)

Grates of city streets are difficult for dogs because they often seem to think that the dark spaces are just big holes for them to fall into. Lexi the service dog is doing terrific, though! Good dog!

Uber ride with service dog

Today’s Uber ride with Service Dog Lexi went great, and here she is, snuggled at my feet. As usual, after I ordered the ride (but before he arrived to pick me up), I texted the driver via the Uber app and let him know that I was traveling with a service dog, and he would get “5 Stars” and a big tip! I always do this so the driver will be mentally prepared, and this time, the Uber driver even pushed the seat forward so there would be extra room for the dog. How nice! 

Fosters for Mentor Dog are Heroes!

The boy who is helping foster Pawsitivity’s mentor dog made some things for her: A sign and a toy box!    

Practicing platforms

Brave Palmer!

Lexi getting a bath in the dog-washing tub

Fluffy Lexi looks a lot smaller when she’s wet! We’ve trained her with positive associations to enjoy going into the tub. She doesn’t love baths, but she will now go into the tub willingly, and stay there, with no leashes or use of force. #positivereinforcement