Pawsitivity Service Dogs

ADHD Service (or Therapy) Dog

There are basically two populations of people with what is often called ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder): Continue reading

General Dog Care FAQ

Four Sections: Food and water Health Grooming Equipment Behavior Continue reading

When at Home

When at home, is the Service Dog to be treated just like any other pet?  No, and here are some guidelines (we will go over everything with you, too). Continue reading

Therapy Dogs

Although our nonprofit is named “Pawsitivity Service Dogs,” we have also trained a therapy dog (pictured above) for a teacher who wanted to use him in her special education class. People often use the terms “therapy dog” and “Service Dog” interchangeably, but legally they are two very different things.  ‘Here are some definitions (and a great story!)  Continue reading

Dogs for the Deaf

Pawsitivity trains Service Dogs for people who are deaf and also for people with hearing processing disorders. The #1 task that a Service Dog for the Deaf is trained to do is almost always to alert the handler to specific sounds (such as smoke alarms) or to alert the handler to someone coming up from behind them. The #1 side benefit reported is that the dogs serve as a "social bridge" to help people with deafness relate to others in their community. Almost 100% of the handlers said that they made more friends and were more social as a result of their service dog (this is an incredibly high result). Continue reading

Training Familes

During the six to twelve months of Service Dog training, we train the handler and/or family as well as the dog. If possible, we set up monthly meetings so we can teach the handler how to give cues correctly and handle the dog in public places. If we’re not able to set up monthly meetings with the handler because a) you’re not local, and your schedule doesn’t allow it, or b) you aren’t local, and their disability prevents you from traveling, we have occasionally made exceptions where we travel to the handler. Continue reading

Travel with a Service Dog

Info on flying, taking a bus or subway, or traveling by car...with a Service Dog. Continue reading

History of Service Dogs

Have you ever wondered why dogs and people have such a special connection? The answer may be that, in many ways, we can think of the history of dogs as the history of people. Continue reading

Service Dog Training Style

At Pawsitivity, we use the same method that both the U.S. Army working dog program (above) and Guide Dogs for the Blind uses: "All of the dog training is based on positive reward or feedback" -- U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command.[1]   Continue reading

Service Dog Laws

Beginner:  A service dog can be any breed. (Read more about breeds.) The owner has to have a disability (physical or psychiatric), as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  If you are looking for more information on psychiatric service dogs, go here. Note: These guidelines are over-simplified. For more detail, see the advanced section beneath this box.     Continue reading