2017 Financials are Now CPA reviewed!

Do you want your favorite service dog charity to have financials that are transparent and accountable? So do we! Our 2017 financials have just been reviewed by a wonderful CPA. Let’s hear it for the power of working together! :-)


I love how attentive this service dog-in-training is!  

Lexi and her girl say farewell until their next training session in February

After another great weekend of training, Lexi and her girl say goodbye at the airport. They’ll train together more next month!

Palmer training with her girl

Palmer got to spend the last couple days bonding and training with her girl!

Fundraiser meetup

Farrell’s North Loop fundraiser Sarah meets service dog-in-training Palmer! Farrelslovesdogs.com


When we first got Palmer, we struggled with getting her to focus on the handler, and it was impossible to get her to do “watch me,” especially outside. After months of training, she has gotten so much better! We worked on that outside today along with sit-stays, down-stays, and recalls.

Job Fair for Autism in Minnesota, January 2018

Minnesota job fair for people with autism! January 2018

Airplane Training

This morning while Tom and Lexi had a training/bonding session with Lexi’s girl, Julie took Palmer to the airport to participate in the “Happy Tails” service dog aircraft training event!


We never encourage a service dog going on an escalator, but since the elevator was busted, Lexi and her girl rode the escalator...and did amazing!

The look of love

Lexi and her girl work on Sit in public...I love how they look at each other!