Pawsitivity Service Dogs


Cinta company is now hiring in MN (especially people with disabilities)

The Cintas company in Minnesota is seeking talented applicants for open positions in the Minneapolis/St Paul, MN metro area, and the company is open to people on the autism spectrum disorder, and people with other disabilities.  Below is a partial list of current open positions.     Continue reading

April 2019 study: 50% reduction of autism symptoms with fecal transplant

New peer-reviewed study in Science Daily: Autism symptoms reduced nearly 50% two years after fecal transplant. Woah... In a new study, researchers demonstrate long-term beneficial effects for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder through a revolutionary fecal transplant technique known as microbiota transfer therapy (MTT). Read more here:

Pawsitivity Service Dogs makes the list at Charities Review Council

The Charities Review Council has strict standards, and Pawsitivity Service Dogs is proud to once again make those standards. Hip, hip, hurray!

Can a Service Dog help with self-harming behaviors? (Video)

Trigger warning: These videos show self-harm which can be triggering to some viewers. Pawsitivity Service Dogs has been training a Psychiatric Service Dog for the task of helping with self-harming behaviors like scratching (shown with the trainer) and cutting. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Continue reading

Graduation Day for Lexi!

So proud of this amazing young woman—who is now paired and working hard with her service dog! To college and beyond!     Continue reading

Autism Service Dog Tasks

One of the requirements for an Autism Service Dog is that they provide a task for the person with autism (this requirement is set by the Americans with Disabilities Act). The most common Autism Service Dog Tasks are: Medication reminder Tethering (for a child who bolts or elopes) Lap Turning on lights (for the child who is afraid to go into a dark bedroom) Lap (the weight and pressure of the dog is soothing) Continue reading

ADHD Service (or Therapy) Dog

There are basically two populations of people with what is often called ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder): Continue reading

General Dog Care FAQ

Four Sections: Food and water Health Grooming Equipment Behavior Continue reading

When at Home

When at home, is the Service Dog to be treated just like any other pet?  No, and here are some guidelines (we will go over everything with you, too). Continue reading

Therapy Dogs

Although our nonprofit is named “Pawsitivity Service Dogs,” we have also trained a therapy dog (pictured above) for a teacher who wanted to use him in her special education class. People often use the terms “therapy dog” and “Service Dog” interchangeably, but legally they are two very different things.  ‘Here are some definitions (and a great story!)  Continue reading