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Palmer doesn't mind waiting to board the airplane

Napping on a lap. What could be better?

Biomarkers for Fibromyalgia

Experimental new blood test to find biomarkers for fibromyalgia: This study isn’t about finding the cause, but rather, finding physical markers of the metabolic results of having the symptoms long-term.

Lexi holding Down-Stay during kung-fu

Down-stay with the three Ds of distraction (duration of one hour, distance of twenty feet, distraction of Kung-fu class). Yay, Lexi!

Holding Down-Stay at Kung-Fu

Palmer held her Down-Stay for an hour-long Kung Fu class, so as a reward, she got petting from a little girl!

White paper (draft) by by AVMA about service dogs

In 2017, the American Veterinary Medical Association created a peer-reviewed white paper, written by their Welfare Division. it was created by their Steering Committee on Human-Animal Interactions.  Continue reading

New stimuli

It’s another snowy day, so today we worked on exposure to new things, including seeing costumes, wearing costumes, balloons being inflated and deflated (and popping!), smelling perfumes, wearing a basket muzzle, and hearing the sound of banging on pots and pans.

From the Atlantic: "Services Cliff" at age 21 for people with autism

Pawsitivity's mission focuses on helping children at a critical stage in life...because at age 21, most kiddos "age out" of a lot of services: -Pointed out by the wonderful Heather Christopherson at Heather Christopherson and Associates.