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First annual Marissa Norby Memorial Golf Scramble was a huge success!

In tribute to Marsissa Norby, a full contingent of golfers raised over $13,000 to help Pawsitivity train service dogs for veterans! Continue reading

Thank you, Mounds View High School business students team!

Thank you to the amazing business students of Mounds View High School, for your fabulous fundraiser for Pawsitivity at the Ideal Hall in St. Paul! Continue reading

Article in Cargill about Pawsitivity dog

From the wonderful article about the Cargill employee who we helped train her service dog! Continue reading

When should I put down my dog?

We got this question today, so i thought I’d post an answer in case it helps anyone out! Continue reading

Working with a therapy dog, as a therapist

I received an interesting email today, and since I get similar emails pretty often, I thought I’d share my answer with readers. Hello,  My name is ____ and I'm from Israel. I'm on my fourth year of internship in clinical psychology, and many of my patients are diagnosed with PTSD or CPTSD. Unfortunately, therapy with dogs is not a very familiar treatment in my country, and I believe that this therapy can really help people who are suffering and it can provide them a better life.  I want to integrate this therapy in my clinic, so I would like to know if there is an option to learn it in your center, and whether there is, I would appreciate any further details on the process.  Thank you.    Continue reading

Wunderdog Magazine in UK features Pawsitivity

Pawsitivity in Minnesota: rescue dogs get trained help veterans and people with disabilities Written by Susie Kearley on 24 May 2022 The charity in St Paul, Minnesota, identifies suitable shelter dogs and prepares their future humans for a life together. Pawsitivity really changes lives, and Susie Kearley has found out more for Wunderdog. Picture: Lisa Venticinque. Continue reading

Shoreview Press article

Mounds View students take action for service dogs and disabled veterans. Fundraiser on May 26, 2022. By Noelle Olson/Shoreview Press Editor. May 10, 2022 Updated May 12, 2022.   Continue reading

Therapist Referrals

A couple of times each year, we have a dog available for a veteran, and we have a great deal of difficulty finding one that would be a good fit for partnering with a service dog. There is no cost to the veteran, but the process requires a lot of commitment.    We have found through the years that several factors greatly improve the success rate for the veteran/service dog partnership. Continue reading

Self-Training a Service Dog

We often get inquiries about people who want to train their own service dog. I realize that writing (or reading) the full story about raising and training a service dog would take a whole book, but here are the highlights--the absolute "must know" items. Continue reading

Dog Behavior Assessment Checklist

While we don’t usually use the BARC (Behavior and Reactivity Checklist) because we use our own version of the dog behavior assessment checklist. People sometimes ask about the Behavior and Reactivity Checklist, so here is a simplified version (not in a PDF, and not an online test). For the non-simplified version, go here. Continue reading